Sunday, July 29


Midnight in the Garden, Romper // Hermes, CDC // DKNY, "Oxford" Sneakers // (Mummy's vintage Chanel)

Wore the same outfit throughout the day: First, (in the dawn of day when I should've been sound asleep) I went to "help" my mom with Elisa's Dance Group bowling outing. Second, Ella met with me and we explored the two enclosures at Gardens by the Bay. Third, rushed to my favourite (or rather, everyone's favourite) circus troupe, Cirque Du Soleil's, "SALTIMBANCO".  Fourth, girdled with a groggy grudging mood, had dinner at James'.

So yes, I was pretty pleased because I felt my outfit was pretty fitting for all four proceedings of my Swamped Saturday.

"dancers will be dancers"
"favourite bowling team"
"torturing hello kitty"
"cute! cute! cute!"
"cloud forest dome"
"crystal mountain"
"glasses, camera, sneakers!"
"flower dome"
"flower fairy"