Sunday, August 5

"In the final hour, suvivour, and devour"

(misspelling was intentional...kinda)
 Page break for suspense...?

Anyway, I have officially started planning for the TENNIS THEMED PARTY! I had to drag myself upstairs with droopy eyes and a languid brain and get an example of the invite done, just to get myself started and excited. I know, I know, my invite looks juvenile. But, please bear in mind, there are quite a few people in the team so I can't possibly come up with something excruciatingly intricate. PLUS, I did this in 5 mintues! Okay maybe 10, max. Doing "art" at 2 in the morning is not an easy task. Therefore, I believe I have adequate grounds for being proud of myself.

But as you can see, I still have so much planning ahead of me!

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