Sunday, August 5

Shiny Swamped Saturday

Topshop, glimmery top // some korean brand, golden skirt // YSL, wedges // Chanel, Mummy's vintage

This Saturday was another swamped Saturday! I was in a tricky outfit situation... in which I prevailed!!! I was to meet the (RJ) Tennis Team for Batman, followed by showing my face at my Godma's sister's wedding, and then meet Gui and Wy for dinner and then go back to the wedding. Plus, I didn't want to/had no time to go home to change. So, the genius in me had to be sieved out to find a single suitable outfit for the various proceedings. So this was it! Oh, except that I had worn my pinkish flower flats for the movie. Heels would've been way too much. But yup, this is my g o l d e n g a t e outfit! Mummy said, "just wear a skirt for the wedding, Singaporeans aren't that formal". And so my g o l d e n g a t e outfit was good-to-go! And I was pretty pleased with myself.

My "baby" sis who volunteered herself as a flower girl.
The Khoos
The Godsiblings

The Khoos & The Thams

Mummy & Godma

lipstick as a blusher

using walkietalkies within one meter of each other

Bride & Groom

Dinner with Wy and GL!

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