Friday, August 3

Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov

I finished reading Lolita two days ago. It was... good! As in, at first I thought that it was extremely perverse and I felt pretty awkward reading it, but reading on, you get used to the fact that the main character is some weirdo, and you grow realize that you accept him.. subtly. Anyway, Lolita isn't straight-on perverse. It is in no way crudely descriptive, but Nabokov manages to dissolve the illicit manners into you, by going around it. It's so, inventive! And the ending is just scary. I don't know why, but I was pretty scared after reading it, in a good, omgosh way. Oh, I remember, this is a book where Humbert (the main character) has to be the author instead of Vladimir Nabokov. At first I read it as Vladimir Nabokov and it just felt really awkward. But reading it as Humbert, you'll come to realize that Vladimir Nabokov is extremely ingenius. Yeah, he portrayed the illicit theme really well. Chapeau bas!

Anyway, I have nothing else to say because I'm tired but mostly I have forgotten what I wanted to say. I wanted to blog about it yesterday, when I had a clear grip on the essence of the book, but ok here's what happened: After going to pick out outdoor furniture for my dilapidated balcony, I went for a full-body massage at Qi Mantra @ Great World, and IT WAS SO PAINFUL. I could tolerate the pain while she was pressing on me, but the aching afterwards was just too cruel. And you know how you're extremely weak after a massage, yeah, I was walking at the pace of a crippled turtle, and I had to buy a carrot cake from Cedele for my sis, because she wanted one. And it was extremeeely excruciating! But, I bought other cakes to make myself feel better.

Here are my pretty cakes!: 
carrot cake // strawberry spongy cake // chocolate non-mousey cake // banana and choco cake

All the cakes are so-so. In other words, boring and common. I was mostly surprised by the chocolate non-mousey cake. I didn't want to get it at first, because it looks incredibly plain, but the store person encouraged me to, so I did, and it's pretty good! As for the rest, it's alright. I thought you could never go wrong with choco and banana, but this one just tasted dull. It might have been because I was in pain though, and I am totally serious about the pain I was in... (it was so painful that I teared). 

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