Wednesday, August 1

Shouting, "I got shot! I got shot!"

Enter: I was a crocodile.

On the edge mountains of some Arabic dessert. It was a noisy mess but I could see no one. Probably too caught up being amused by my crocodile skin. Some Arabian men who had those cloths on their heads (a ghutra), passed by on a jeep, and I, unassumingly, or rather, naively, stepped out and waved my little crocodile hands at the gunned men. They greeted me back with sparks of gunshots, not at my body, phew!, but at my little ugly crocodile feet. And then suddenly, because of the capriciousness of dreams, I was human again.

So, (because of the capriciousness of dreams) human me became aware of the situation at hand: the "Arabian Knights" were dutifully scouring for some mysterious, potent and poisonous crab-like scorpion.

Suddenly, (because of the capriciousness of dreams) I was transported a glass jar of The crab-like mystery! It does not look at ominous as you would think it to be - really. Anyway, I screamed! Don't ask me why, my dreamstate does not allow conscious, prudent, me to participate.

Anyway, my scream drew back the "Arabian Knights" in a flash! (because of the...), in their jeep with their worried yet angered faces. And yes, the only manner in which they knew how to greet me with was with their almighty GUN. And this time they aimed at MY HUMAN body! What......

They were not good aimers, but I was as bad a runner as they were a shooter. "Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"... still no bullet in me, phew! "BAANG!!" (for some reason, it was the loudest), and I fell. A sneaky bullet got a hold of my chest, right down the middle from my nose. And I fell, into the abyss of unwonted pain. It was not a sharp pain, but a casual, lingering one.

The pain stuck - ouch, ouch, I still felt it in my chest when I awoke - ouch, I could not move. When I reached to feel my bloody chest, I could feel the thumping of my heartbeat in my ears. I lied, motionless there, with gunshots and messy noises around me, in the unwonted pain.

The next few proceedings were peculiar (because of..). I was suddenly teleported, by the "Arabian Knights", to a bed in some secluded science sanatorium. They said they had to murder me. They also said it was strange that I didn't die from the sneaky bullet. But anyway, I was left there, with a telephone and, (because...), my grandma. She was calm, which very much differed from her real-life liveliness. So I felt a little strange, but the pain was overbearing, and so I thought I could possibly have been hallucinating.

The telephone: my un-grandma grandma told me to call my uncle, who was, I mean, is, a doctor. So I gathered up my bottomless courage, with that lingering pain in my chest and my hand perpetually there to alleviate the pain, stood up with dizziness, and called him. I don't know how I managed to memorize his number. But anyway, he told me to take the bullet out. And pour water over the wound. Sounds easy, and was also dreamlike-easy to do. And, unsurprisingly yet strangely, it did help alleviate the pain! - for awhile. I, sprawled on a random (but comfortable) bed, with my ungrandma grandma by my side, was in heart-aching, perpetual, numbing, pain, with a weird rock (the sneaky bullet) in my weakened hand. And I was going to be murdered.

After this, it got boring. The "Arabian Knights" came into the random room and shoved a plastic bag over my head, meaning to suffocate me. I was teleported back and forth the room and mountain edge, (becau...). The plastic bag suffocating technique did not work, obviously, because I could easy take it off (but somehow I did feel a little suffocated). And then I could suddenly see into another dimension, where my hero Dad was finding a way to save me. And then suddenly I was saved! Treated in some hospital and discharged immediately, back to the comfort of my older sister in some random modernized mall.

The End.

P.S. I felt so so heroic when I woke. And I absolutely love adventure dreams! And... I had always wondered what it was like to be shot!

"Lucky me"